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Recommendations for MN lobbyist

11 Mar 2016 4:34 PM | Anonymous

Does anyone have any recommendations for a lobbyist in Minnesota? Our juvenile son was just required to register.

Brief synopsis of the case:

1. Issue sexting to 3 photos to one girl

2. Charge - felony level distribution of child pornography 10 year registry requirement.

3. Because the registration requirement moves to the lesser charge in a plea, we tried for a stay of adjudication.

4. Judge denied because our 2/3rds of juveniles (in our county) can not complete treatment within 12 months. The average length of treatment is 16 months.

5. Our son has had no previous offenses.


The attorney said that the appeal process is not an option as the standard of review is "Abuse of Discretion".


I'm looking for legal support to help in my lobbying efforts. I've talked with one state representative who was open to start the discussion with other representatives. 


Thank you for your help.





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