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  • Member Submission: Information asked during address verification. By FAC

Member Submission: Information asked during address verification. By FAC

  • 13 Jan 2021 1:32 PM
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    J (Administrator)

    Members have been writing in letting us know that officers are asking interrogating questions during the address verification, including information that is not even registrable (see below). Remember to only identify yourself by showing your ID and that's all. You do not need to answer any questions! We STRONGLY suggest not to.
    Use common sense. If it's something benign, like "how's your day going?" it's harmless, but if they start quizzing you on items you reported or ask for other information, politely tell them you provide all required information at registration and you are not going to answer their questions without an attorney present. If you don't have the confidence to say it, prepare a card to leave by your door and hand it to them.

    Below is what a member reported to us.

    Hello. I want to pass on what happened to me. Maybe you can offer some help and send it on to the registrant community. Last night I was awoke by a loud banging on my door. It was 10:30PM; I go to bed early. It was the XXXXXX Police saying this was a check in. There were 2 cops, only one wearing a mask. I, unfortunately didn't get their names. I went to wake up my wife so she could witness this and to get my ID. I also grabbed a notebook so I could write down what happened. We were both scared and very startled, being woken up suddenly. I handed them my ID and they asked the following questions:

    What was a good time to find me? I told them earlier, say 8PM

    What was my phone? At this point I told them, "You have that info."

    Was I on probation? I told him, "You know that." He said, "You don't have to be a jerk about this."

    What was my wife's name and number? I asked why he needed that. At this point I was scared and angry. Every time I objected to answering the remaining questions he would say he didn't have this info and they would just get it this time then next time it wouldn't take so long, or he would berrate me, saying "don't be a jerk about this.

    Questions continued: Do I have kids? How often did they visit? What was their name? I can't see how this is a question they're allows to ask but, I'm sorry to say, at this point I just wanted this over with. My wife told me there was nothing I could do just answer the questions

    What are your emails? I handed him my receipt from my last registration. He said "This is really helpful." Again they said they didn't have this info.

    Who is my internet provider?

    Do I smoke?

    Am I right or left handed?

    I feel almost ashamed that I couldn't have pushed back more during this. But I don't know how to deal with this level of stress. I'm not trained to handle being on the opposite end of these intimidation tactics. My question is: Did I need to answer any of these questions other than do I live here? Do I have to answer the registry questions. Has anyone else experienced this with Tallahassee Police? Do I have any recourse to complain about this. I'm worried they'll now try and intimidate my wife and the parents of my grandchild.
    Thanks for your help.

    Above is Courtesy of Florida Action Committee (FAC)

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