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Washington D.C event

  • 06 Apr 2023 12:23 PM
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    John (Administrator)

    Here is the event you've been waiting for. Please Subscribe, Like and Share this video to help the YouTube algorithm present it to more people.  

    Thanks to all who traveled to Washington, DC braved the cold and wind to call attention to the 20th anniversary of the Smith v. Doe decision which has reeked havoc in a myriad of ways over the years. 

    As we know from the research by Professor Ira and researcher wife Tara the irresponsibly quoted, totally false, high recidivism rate used in court cases without verifying its legitimacy, by retired Supreme Court Justice Kennedy and current Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

    The events began with six pallbearers carrying a coffin hand-crafted by Erik McInnis of Steelville Missouri and transported to DC by WAR member Mike Teeter and WAR President Vicki Henry using Mike's pick-up truck.   

    In a memorial speech delivered by Derek Logue of Once Fallen the names of 200+ people forced to register, or mistaken for a person forced to register, who were murdered by vigilantes were read.

    Also participating in the event was the Brice family; Mother Helen, Father Will and Brother Ben whose dear family member took his own life due to the stigma of being listed on the registry, along with experiencing the hate from those all over the world finding him on the registry and the fear of being harmed by those worldwide haters. 

    Civil Rights Attorney Janice Bellucci then delivered a speech focused on the egregiousness of a mistake which the Supreme Court has failed to acknowledge and even more shocking is their refusal to 'right the wrong' in a regal setting visited by many across the world. 

    David Garlock, nationwide speaker and motivator encouraged the participants to keep moving forward with the 'Teamwork Makes the Dream Work' mantra. In that vein Janice Bellucci of California and Vicki Henry of Women Against Registry will attend the NARSOL and ACSOL conferences along with the backdrop created and displayed at the WAR conference relaying the message of unity in abolishing the registry.  

    YouTube video:
            Vigil — March 7 2023 — Washington DC at SCOTUS
    20th anniversary of Smith v. Doe decision.

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