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16 Feb 2016 5:45 PM | John (Administrator)

I'm a registrant with a non contact charge. My wife and I live in a Florida city and have been at the current location for seven years. Some neighbors say hello daily, one brings a gift to our door each Christmas..I have had no problem with neighbors regarding my registration.

Daily routine is normal: Repairs outside the house, taking care of the yard work, working on the car, daily walking of the dog etc. The county school bus has picked up and dropped off the students in front of our house Mon-Fri for the past seven years so I assume the city knows I pose no danger to them. Seems normal but I live in a bubble, a dome. I can only travel so far. 

My time has been completed, yet limitations prevent me from being in another state without having to register there within the period of time required.

Even traveling in state can be a problem when needing to stay at a hotel/motel since all Florida registrants Drivers licenses/I.D's are marked with a code.

If noticed by the clerk I may be refused a room. Disney world and its other theme parks are out of the question to take the wife and out of state friends..now the signing of H.R 515 into law and the inability to travel with my wife on vacation out of country.

The dome just seems to be getting even smaller. These laws harm my wife, they harm   the spouses and family members of all registrants in America......the "Land of the free". 

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