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We Are Racing to the Finish Line….40 Days Away Till Our First Annual National Conference!

  • 20 Jun 2017 8:31 AM
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    John (Administrator)


    We want everyone to attend our conference and it’s not too late for you to join in.  Please be aware that our hotel rooms are at a guaranteed rate only until June 23rd.

    We are reaching out to you because we believe our membership could learn and grow from participation in this event.  Additional outreach has been fairly extensive as well.

    Recently, we sent an introductory letter and our newest brochure (We Are the Families, PLEASE hear us!) to a list of the 100 most influential faith leaders in the country.  Many of these leaders have the loyal and ardent attention of perhaps thousands of followers, so we decided to contact them directly.

    We were counting on the innate compassion of this group many of whom are members of the clergy.  We were hoping for an understanding of the plight of our families. And with these efforts, as always, we were intending to educate.  Only time will tell if our efforts are successful, but we will never stop trying.

    Civil Commitment is a terrible form of punishment with no redemptive qualities and little hope for the future. This will be the topic of a breakout sessions at the conference. Everyone needs to be aware of this cruel form of treatment. Eldon Dillingham and John Lester, the hosts of this session, will help you to understand it. They are both members of Kansas Family, Friends, & Other Concerned Citizens of Sexual Predator Treatment Program Residents. These gentlemen support the development of advocacy in all states that have civil commitment laws. This session will provide the opportunity for families in this situation to get acquainted, be heard and get the latest information. 

    A panel discussion at the conference promises to be an interesting session, and potentially, impactful to our lives and our situations. Our professionals on the panel include: Therapist James Moll, Pastor Roger Ray, and ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. The panel will take questions from a moderator and from the audience. This will definitely be an informative exchange of ideas. 

    Missouri State Representative John McCaherty will host a session on ‘Meeting with Your Legislator.  WAR’s own Dennis Conlin, will role play a meeting between an advocate and lawmaker. This could be a very valuable session for those who desperately want to be heard but might be lacking in confidence.

    There is no better way to leave a conference such as ours, than to feel confident in your abilities and good about your advocacy. Our final speaker at the conference is Toastmaster Mike Woodall who will provide exactly what is needed by Our Families… for Our Futures…and In Our Time…

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